Runner 50

A red hot Runner model is sure to be within the reach of all riders. The sporty 50 cc versions are powered by HI Per 2 two stroke engines with carburettor (Runner SP). And these exuberant engines are just some of the ingredients of the new Runner, “the scooter that thinks it’s a bike”!

Gilera Runner: half bike, half scooter

Just a few words are enough to sum up the character of the Gilera Runner. A streamlined and aggressive line with a real racing look; the excellent rolling chassis is characterised by its light weight and rigidity, a 14” front wheel, and brakes at the very top of the category. These are the characteristics that make the Gilera Runner truly unique, the sports scooter “par excellence”, half bike - half scooter.

The performance of the Hi-Per2 engines that power the 50cc versions of the Runner are at the very top of the category. The Hi-Per2 Pro PureJet engine on the electronic injection version of he Runner, is a real point of reference for the category. The PureJet system maximizes performance, while guaranteeing low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Breathtaking acceleration and progressive power delivery are the main characteristics of this extremely modern unit.