fly 150IE

New Piaggio Fly

Style, comfort and safety on two wheels in the most classic Piaggio style. The new Piaggio Fly is mobility for all. Anywhere in the world.

The new Piaggio Fly is the most modern heir to the great Piaggio tradition as the first European scooter manufacturer and leader in the search for easy and elegant solutions to provide mobility for all.

The new Fly is the expression of a new concept in functionality where the balance of volumes generates usable spaces comparable to those of a mini GT.

The fuel tank has been placed under the footrest, an extremely rational solution to ensure that no capacity is sacrificed and that the load potential in the helmet compartment increases, able to accommodate 2 demi-jet helmets with visors.

The Piaggio Fly frame is completely new, made with steel piping and pressed and welded reinforcements: an open single cradle structure, rigid and resistant to bends and torsion, which guarantees precision and riding safety.