MP3 300 Touring

Piaggio MP3 300 Touring

Piaggio MP3 LT is the first ever 300cc scooter can be legally ridden with a normal car license.

Three wheels, two in front, is its revolutionary technical intuition which led to the extraordinary success of Mp3, a scooter that is unique in the world with the innovative solution of the two independent tilting front wheels redefined the very concept of dynamic stability. A formula successful, as evidenced by the more than 100,000 Mp3 sold all over the world.

With Mp3 Touring version is also more "classic" Mp3 welcomes a profound renewal of both aesthetics and function, while maintaining the exceptional levels of comfort, spaciousness and cargo capacity that have been appreciated by thousands of motorcyclists around the world.

The stability of this vehicle is second to none, on every road condition: capable of leaning 40 degrees, the MP3 units the fun of two wheel travel along with superior road grip, with the MP3 offering improved comfort due to its wide seat and passenger backrest!